Kvarnlyckans kennel is relocated to a new house outside of Eskilstuna.

Residents are fam Engström and we are Ann with doughters  Jeanette & Susanna. 

We have six samoyeds named Vattnadals Jinnie The Jinx, Kvarnlyckan Alisia, Kvarnlyckans Bellis, Kvarnlyckans Blanche "Cookies", Kvarnlyckans Caktus & Kvarnlyckans Chelone.

We also have four japanese spitz named Rowleys Touch Of Magic "Flingis", Kvarnlyckans Iridessa "Essie"  Kvarnlyckans Silvermist " Mistie" & Kvarnlyckans Nezzlie.

Fam Engström, Eskilstuna Sweden

Tel: 016-730 88
               Mobil:070-118 73 10